Conservation Education:

California SAF sponsors the following conservation education programs; Forest Conservation Days and the Forestry Institute for Teachers. These programs apply interactive presentations, field trips and field-based exhibits intended to educate youth and adults regarding the professional management of California’s forests. The Forestry Challenge is also a great resource for youth education.

We also post an abundance of educational opportunities on our Events page. In addition, the SAF College Guide is a great resource for anyone interested in pursuing forestry and other natural resources professions. Our Outreach page also contains a number of conservation education programs designed for youth, young adults, and teachers alike.

Continuing Education:

California SAF annually hosts a summer and a winter meeting; these meetings are a great chance to keep informed of natural resources issues across the state from professionals working in the field; our summer meetings are more field-based, while our winter meetings are lecture-based. Each include guest speakers from both the public, and private sector.

Each meeting offers Continuing Education Credits (CEUs). Continuing Education credit can also be arranged by the SAF National office: SAF National Office’s website.

Online Education:

Michigan State University (MSU) Forestry and the Society of American Foresters are pleased to announce our online course – Physical Science of Forests, Climate Regulation, and Carbon Storage.’

The course is organized into five modules, including 1) Carbon Cycle and Storage, 2) Humans, the Global Carbon Cycle, and Terrestrial Sinks, 3) Forest Ecosystems and Carbon Storage, 4) Forest Ecosystem Carbon Pools and Fluxes, and 5) Disturbances and their Carbon Impact.  The course will include presentations, quizzes, links to external resources, and suggested further reading.

Course content is designed with natural resource professionals, extension agents, and landowners in mind. However, all interested parties are encouraged to apply – $199 for SAF members and $249 for non-members. Course topics are interdisciplinary, and learning outcomes are intended to be impactful across a variety of fields.