Oral History Project




STORIES, experiences and insights of elder forestry professionals capture the breadth, scope and legacy of the forestry profession in California.

INTERVIEWS were initiated with Society of American Foresters Golden members having 50+ years of membership, while other long-time California forestry professionals will be included as the program expands.

FORESTRY PROFESSIONALS who have contributed to defining California natural resource management over time have an opportunity to tell their own story.

FUNDED by grants from the Society of American Foresters and donations from individuals, companies and California SAF State Societies.

OUTREACH to the public, youth, media, policy makers and others provides a window to the fascinating history and rich contribution of forestry professionals in California over time.

ARCHIVING Oral History Interviews will be hosted by the Forest History Society, Durham, NC.

TIME slips by unnoticed. The time is now for the CASAF Oral History Project.

Initially 12 Oral History interviews were planned in various parts of the state. However, the project has become so compelling that we have filmed 41 interviews.



Instructions For Optimal Viewing of Individual Oral History Interviews

For interview videos, an index of interview questions can be found in the YouTube descriptions for each video. To view the video on YouTube, press “play” (or hover your cursor over a currently playing video) and press the “YouTube” button in the bottom right corner. To view the full description, click “show more” under the video. Each timestamp is clickable and will take you automatically to that point in the video. To view the full playlist in youtube, click here. Enjoy!