Foresters Approve Sweeping Policy Reset, Promote Effort to Starve Megafires, Restore Ecosystem Balance


Sacramento, January 21, 2023

The California Society of American Foresters (Cal SAF) announces the release of a major new position statement, Forestry Solutions to California’s Wildfire Crisis, posted online at  Drawing upon the latest science, the document explains why our seasonally dry forests have become prone to catastrophic megafires, and what needs to be done to reverse the trend.  Although periodic drought and climate change are contributing factors, the paper zeroes in the cause most responsive to practical intervention: massive accumulations of highly flammable fuels.

Forestry Solutions complements Cal SAF’s recently approved Giant Sequoia Policy Statement (Sustaining native giant sequoia groves requires active, adaptive management), also posted online.

For More Information Please Contact: Bill Keye, Cal SAF Communications Chair,, (530) 355-0670.

The California Society of American Foresters

Cal SAF is a State Society of the Society of American Foresters (SAF). SAF is a professional association with headquarters in Washington, DC. The Society is organized across the United States and Canada, serving as an accreditation and research body representing all segments of the forestry profession; including public and private practitioners, administrators, educators, and forestry students. SAF governs a majority of the political and scientific topics at the national level, which allows each jurisdiction to represent itself independently, guided by SAF’s Mission and Code of Ethics.

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