7 “Really New” CaSAF Interviews Online – January 22, 2018

Enjoy these new Oral History interviews! This group of 7 Golden and long-term SAF members share memories of careers in agricultural banking, private industry, federal and state agencies, research and forest policy via the DC Beltway.


George Roby – Forest Supervisor, Angeles National Forest, retired

18:30 – Providing ICS advice to the military and the President of the Dominican Republic.

39:36 – A forester assigned to manage coastal oil fields on the Los Padres National Forest in 1969?

Anne Heissenbuttel – Forester & Master Gardner

22:29 – A California transplant became a member of the Virginia Board of Forestry.

57:58 – Perspectives on being one of the first women foresters in the timber industry.

Richard “Dick” Pland – Forester, Fibreboard Corporation, retired

18:38 – Work with the Pickering Lumber Company 1957, an “old line” railroad logging outfit.

41:14 – Fibreboard response to the claims that Ca. Spotted Owl required old growth stands to thrive.

William “Bill” Oliver – Research Silviculturist, PSW Forest & Range Experiment Station, retired

33:10 – Interdisciplinary environmental research “post-USFS New Perspectives.”

57:13 – Limitations of forestry in the SW Pacific Islands were not due to lack of technical knowledge.

Dale Wierman – California Department of Forestry, Retired

51:15 – The Governor’s OPR and natural resource impacts of land development in local government.

1:09:33 – The role of the California Department of Forestry in the Redwood National Park expansion.

Russ Forsberg – American Ag Credit

16:16 – Russ discusses timber loans, appraisal and the relationship to sustained yield.

25:34 – Economics is the thing that ties everything together in natural resources.

John Heissenbuttel – Forester (for Life!)

14:57 – AFPA lead industrial staff for the development of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

41:16; 48:17; 53:49 – SAF networking, SAF President leadership challenges; SAF and 9/11.


A viewing tip… our brains “listen” much faster than we speak. Therefore, if you would like to increase the viewing speed, use the “gear” symbol on the YouTube window to adjust the speed.

And remember, you can easily access and click each individual interview question in YouTube mode. After you start the video, just click the words “YouTube” in the lower right corner of the interview window. The “clickable” questions are in the “description” box.

We are almost at the end… February look for Lund, West, Wells, Tunheim, Zane, Lindstrand, Fitch

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