We are rolling again!  All filming is complete, editing is in full swing and we are resuming posting of interviews . To view them, visit the oral history page.


This week we offer 5 NEW interviews. (and 23 more over the next 6-8 weeks.) These forestry professionals share stories and perspectives about their upbringing, careers, California forestry and natural resource management. They also provide advice to young people interested in the profession, comment on the value of participation in professional organizations and much more.


Dr. Doug Piirto: CalPoly retired; consulting forester.*

-Why he began with the USFS; not university teaching or industry research. (TS 13:25)

-His philosophy about leadership. (TS 44:43)

-His vision of an “ideal forest”. (TS 1:17:10)


Neal Ewald: Green Diamond Resource Co, Senior Vice President:

-His unique career tenure with Arcata Redwood, Simpson Timber & GDRCO. (TS 7:21).

-A compelling summary of the 1990 Timber Wars and Sierra Accord. (TS 15:53)

-Advice to young people considering careers in forestry or natural resources. (TS 58:24)


Geri Bergen: USFS Tahoe NF Supervisor, retired.*

-Her non-traditional path to a successful career in a time of cultural change. (TS 11:48)

-The challenges developing the Tahoe NF Management Plan. (TS 47:31)

-The relevance of Society of American Foresters. (TS 1:00:26)


Norm Pillsbury, CalPoly SLO *

-A career jumpstarted by the children’s book “Hank Winton, Smoke Chaser” (TS 1:32)

-The challenge of digitizing all California hardwood stands (TS 39:55)

-The wrenching struggle for a CalPoly Forestry Major and SAF accreditation. (TS 54:09)


Robert Smart, Jr.: USFS, Retired

-Working on the Cleveland NF during the tumultuous early 1970’s. (TS 14:22)

-How the departure of timber companies impacted Sierra communities. (TS 36:47)

-Observations on the changing culture of fire management. (TS 44:25)



Coming soon!  Jim Able, Doug Leisz, Bill Smith, Fritz Koepp, Russ Forsburg.

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