John Helms, Professor Emeritus, UC Berkeley, Past President Society of American Foresters

Index to Interview Questions:

00:22 – Tell us a little about your background.

01:44 – How did you become interested in forestry as a career?

02:20 – Tell us a little about your education as a forester. Does it differ between Australia and the USA?

03:19 – Why did you choose to pursue the academic side of the forestry profession?

05:58 – What differences did you notice in the landscape when you came to the United States?

07:08 – Do you have any mentors or heroes?

08:18 – Are there any students that stand out in your memory?

09:56 – How was your role as a professor of silviculture unique?

11:06 – Please describe some of your research projects.

12:57 – What is the relationship between UC Berkeley and the Blodgett Forest Research Station?

15:27 – What aspects of your international research and collaboration did you value most? Challenges?

18:14 – Which of your publications have been most effective in informing the practice of forestry?

19:41 – What are your thoughts about climate change ?

21:32 – What kind of challenges will forest managers face relating to climate change?

23:22 – Activities with the US/Canada Committee on Forest Carbon Standards.(2008-2010)

25:42 – Talk about the importance of defining terminology when dealing with international groups.

26:40 – Activities with the Sustainable Forestry Initiative External Review Panel.

28:52 – Activities as Chair, Jackson State Advisory Group (2008-2011)

31:10 – Give us an overview of the litigation in connection with Jackson State Demonstration Forest

33:36 – Activities with the California Forest Products Commission (2002-2008)

34:37 – Activities with the Forest Foundation Board (since 2009)

35:55 – Tell us about your role in representing the SAF with congressional testimony and staff briefings.

39:18 – When and why did you join Society of American Foresters?

40:43 – Tell us about some positions you held with SAF.

48:48 – Talk about SAF in the past and how to maintain relevancy.

55:17 – What would you tell a young person who is considering a career in forestry or natural resources?

56:56 – What do you see as the future of forestry and natural resource management?

1:00:38 – In a perfect world, what would be your vision of an ideal forest ?

1:03:11 – What is forestry and what is a forester?

1:04:28 – Thoughts about the Pacific Southwest Forest and Range Experiment Station.

1:05:14 – How has forestry changed over the past few decades?

1:07:46 – Has the role of the forester expanded in terms of both technical and social aspects?

1:08:15 – How have climate change issues altered the core technical and social skills of the forestry profession ?

1:09:44 – How do you prepare people to handle the issues of change?

1:11:44 – What is needed in the forestry profession to keep up with changes in societal values?

1:15:12 – How have public and professional attitudes regarding the management of public lands changed?

1:18:00 – What is the problem with public land management by litigation rather than professional judgment?

1:21:05 – What are your thoughts about the change in rate of harvest on public lands?

1:30:40 – What are some of the benefits and challenges of a forest land base with diverse ownership?

1:34:37 – Share some general thoughts about SAF, forestry and change.


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