Dr. William (Bill) McKillop, Professor Emeritus, UC Berkeley

Index to Interview Questions”

00:21 – What began your interest in forestry and ultimately led you to a career?

01:54 – What was your first forestry book as a boy about forestry education?

02:29 – Describe yourself as a young man.

03:49 – Please give us a brief chronology of your career path to becoming a Forest Economist.

07:53 – Do you remember any particular circumstances which were challenging and/or rewarding?

12:18 – What caused you to become interested in Forest Economics?

13:48 – Did you have any heroes or mentors?

15:31 – What kind of experience have you had with SAF over 50 years?

17:42 – Was your focus primarily on timber or other facets of natural resources management?

18:32 – What do you think are the biggest issues facing the forestry profession both in the past and today?

21:18 – Do you have any guidance for working with groups having diverse interests?

21:46 – What are your thoughts about the mission of the Society of American Foresters past, present and future?

23:03 – Looking forward, what do you see for the future of forestry and natural resource management, especially in California?

24:49 – Are some current environmental concerns given more attention than warranted?

25:17 – What are your thoughts on climate change and forests?

26:49 – In a perfect world, what would be your vision of an ideal forest?

28:10 – Do you have any advice for people considering forestry as a career?

28:52 – Please talk about changes in timber supply and demand in California over your career.

32:04 – What are some economic implications of the change away from timber companies owning land to REITS (Real Estate Investment Trusts) or TMOs (Timberland Management Organizations)?

34:07 – You were elected “Fellow” for Society of American Foresters. How did that honor come to you?


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