Robert (Bob) Solari, United States Forest Service, Retired

Index to Interview Questions:

0:20 – Tell us a little about your personal background and path to a forestry career.

4:44 – USFS Region Office assignment and fire management projects.

5:04 – Fire assessment projects: Focus, NFMAS

10:43 – Was there improvement in fire funding funding allocation subsequent to the FOCUS and NFMAS projects?

11:29 – Do you see a correlation between funding and the current Southern California catastrophic fire pattern?

16:41 – What are some issues with LMP (Land Management Planning)?

20:13 – In your experience, is there a relationship between climate change and fire management and suppression?

21:38 – How did you progress from fire line to fire management? What was the origin of the Incident Command System?

26:28 – How did you become interested in forestry as a career?

29:46 – Did you have any mentors?

32:06 – Tell us about your affiliation with the Society of American Foresters.

35:42 – What kind of issues did you address when you were with the SAF Council (now Board)?

42:20 – How have public perceptions about SAF and the role of foresters changed?

44:53 – What are your thoughts about the SAF Mission, its past and its relevance into the future?

49:35 – Tell us about the forestry visit from a Russian contingent.

55:56 – Please briefly discuss the change in retirement age for fire personnel.

57:08 – How did you learn to deal with conflict resolution?

1:07:21 – What would you tell a young person who is considering forestry or resource management as a career?

1:10:23 – Can you give us an example of the complexity which can occur when managing wild lands in California?

1:15:26 – What advice would you have for people who believe there are no implications to a decision not to manage?

1:19:19 – In a perfect world, what would your vision of an ideal forest be?

1:23:05 – Tell us about your interest in the NorCal SAF education project Forestry Institute for Teachers.


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