Max Younkin, Forester USFS (retired)

Index to Interview Questions:

0:15 – Please share your background and how
 you became interested in forestry as a career.

0:59 – Although you were born in Lorimor, Iowa you consider two other Iowa communities your home towns.
 Tell us a little about those communities.

1:31 – You identified forestry 
as your ambition at a relatively young age.
 How did your military and family obligations 
blend with your ambition?

3:22 – What motivated you to work
 for the US Forest Service in California after 
graduation from Iowa State University in 1961?

4:41 – Tell us about the person 
who mentored you during your
seasonal work on the Syvanite Ranger District, 
Kootenia NF in Montana.

8:03 – What is grubbing ribes?

9:15 – What were your initial impressions of California?

10:31 – Tell us about some of the different places
 you have worked as a USFS forester.

12:25 – What were some of the highlights and challenges 
working in the various places you were assigned?

24:25 – Would you share some anecdotes, adventures 
and unique episodes from your career?

31:39 – Talk about the shift from generalist to 
specialist in forestry careers.

35:31 – What changes have you seen in fire teams and
 fire management over your career?

36:41 – Does clear cutting still have a place 
in contemporary forest management?

38:20 – Please describe the
 Mt. Lolo/Disney controversy.
(Sierraville Ranger District, Tahoe National Forest)

41:59 – What are some of your observations regarding impacts 
from increased scrutiny of national forest management 
over time from outside entities?

45:21 – How was your day to day work as a forester 
affected by the changes in technology over time?

46:56 – What advice would you give someone 
considering a career
 in forestry and resource management?

48:28 – What are your thoughts on the future of 
forestry and resource management,
 especially in California?

50:46 – Tell us a little about 
Society of American Foresters
over your career.

53:07 – If you were “in charge” how would you
 craft overall forest management policy?

54:50 – In a perfect world, what would be 
your vision of an ideal forest?


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