Lee Belau, Fire Management Officer, USFS (retired)

Index to Interview Questions:

0:18 – Please tell us a little about your background and how you became interested in forestry as a career.

4:12 – Please tell us a little about your forestry education.

5:25 – What was your career path after college?

15:41 – Please talk about the reforestation work you did on the Mt. Shasta brush fields.

25:31 – Tell us about fire camps, Safety First Teams and “The Militia”

32:37 – What was your experience with the first multiple use planning efforts, and how did National Forest forest planning progress, or digress, over time?

40:07 – Can you address the Forest Service approach to protecting Giant Sequoias and the need to thin whitewoods from the groves?

42:30 – What are your thoughts on current forest management challenges such as the drought and bark beetle infestation?

46:56 – Do you have a strategy for working withgroups having conflicting interests?

48:39 – What would you tell a young person who is considering forestry or natural resources management as a career?

50:28 – Why did you join SAF and why do you think membership is important?

54:32 – In a perfect world, what would be your vision of an ideal forest?