John Mount, “Forester for Life”, Southern California Edison, Retired

Index to Interview Questions

00:21 – Tell us a little about your background and how you became interested in forestry.

03:34 – Tell us about your forestry education and how people and events at UC Berkeley influenced your career.

05:00 – Were you an inspired academic at UC Berkeley, or did you simply aspire not to become an academic?

07:49 – What happened after your college graduation?

09:16 – Were there any non-forestry events occurring at that time which influenced the direction of your career?

11:13 – Tell us about the business you started.

13:19 – What was a typical job in your business?

15:23 – How did you become a forester for Southern California Edison? What were the challenges of  introducing your style of Single Tree Selection to the SCE landscape?

23:47 – Elaborate on how you applied Single Tree Selection in the Southern
Sierra to achieve a variety of ecosystem goals which were broader than the typical timber stand management of the time.

38:00 – Is your style of forest management widely accepted now?

39:27 – What are your thoughts about California catastrophic fire and insect infestations in California as they relate to a national perspective?

46:21 – Please tell us about your experience working with the public. How did you resolve conflicts  with competing interests?

50:50 – What would you tell a young person considering a forestry or natural
resources management career?

54:42 – How did you mentor young people in the forestry profession?

56:50 – How are you engaging in California forestry now and into the future?

59:41 – Why is membership in SAF important?

1:05:56 – How has the culture and membership of SAF changed over the years?

1:11:57 – What do you see as the strengths and weaknesses of Society of American Foresters?

1:16:35 – In a perfect world, what would be your vision of an ideal forest?


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