Dr. Bill Libby, Professor Emeritus, UC Berkeley, Forest Genetics

Index to Interview Questions:
0:15 – How did you choose forestry as a career?

0:51 – Was there a defining event 
which inspired you?

1:46 – Tell us about your time at 
University of Michigan.

4:08 – What is a forest geneticist?

5:25 – What are your thoughts about 
genetic modification?

7:13 – Give us a few highlights or challenges 
from your career.

9:12 – What was your Ph.D thesis subject?

10:14 – How do you conduct studies of trees 
considering the long times required
 for traits to become apparent?

13:04 – What are some of the positive aspects
 of being a forester?

14:14 – Talk about your involvement with SAF.

15:03 – What are your thoughts about 
diversity – stability?

19:10 – What are your thoughts about 
the SAF mission, its past, and
 relevance in the future?

20:13 – What do you see as 
the future of forestry?

23:44 – What advice would you give someone 
considering a career in forestry
 or natural resource management?

25:14 – In a perfect world, what is your 
vision of an ideal forest?

27:51 – Lignochemicals?

29:12 – What are your concerns for 
the future?

30:11 – Explain the idea of 
assisted migration?

33:48 – What are your thoughts on 
climate change and species adaptation ?

37:16 – Tell us about your work with the 
Save the Redwoods League.

38:42 – What are your perspectives on 
global forestry?


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