John Bryant, Forester USFS Fire retired, CalPoly UFEI retired. Janet Bryant assisting

Index to Interview Questions:

0:05 – Introduction

0:58 – “Tell us more about your background and how you got started as a seasonal fire fighter for the US Forest Service “on a bet”.”

6:04 – “Was it a big change moving from Southern California to Humboldt as John started college there?”

6:49 – “What did you observe as a significant change in firefighting and fire management during your career?”

8:40 – “Tell us about your involvement with the Forest Service’s California Job Corps program.”

17:28 – “Tell us about your time on the Plumas National Forest after Job Corps.”

19:43 – “As Greenville District Ranger, tell us about having the first helicopter logging show and a little about small town politics.”

26:24 – “Tell us about working at the USFS Operations Coordination Center in Riverside in 1979.”

28:03 – “Tell us about developing ICS (Incident Command System).”

29:42 – “Was there any resistance to the adoption of the ICS (Incident Command System)?

30:39 – “Do any particular places stand out in your memory as unique for ICS work?”

33:29 – “Tell us a little about your post-retirement Hurricane Katrina FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) assignment through the Forest Service.”

34:43 – “Tell us about your time as the leader of the Urban Forest Ecosystem Institute at Cal Poly in 1995. Did you conduct any ancillary teaching at U. San Luis Obispo?”

39:02 – “What advice would you give a young person considering forestry or resource management as a career?”

41:38 – “Who do you think of as a mentor? Did anyone at that time encourage you to join the Society of American Foresters?”

42:37 – “What are some of the benefits of your membership in SAF?” [Society of American Foresters]

43:33 – “Is it important for employers to support their employees in a professional organization like Society of American Foresters?”