Jim Bates, USFS, Retired

Index to Interview Questions:

00:24 – Provide some background about your upbringing and how you became interested in forestry as a career.

01:52 – Where did you attend forestry school?

03:12 – Tell us about your experiences at forestry camp.

03:49 – 1958 was a very eventful year for you. Besides graduating from Berkeley, tell us about some of the other events during that time.

06:07 – Tell us about your career path with the USFS.

09:54 – Any memorable events or anecdotes from the various forests where you worked?

11:47 – Tell us about your first national forest job on the El Dorado.

12:45 – What national forest assignment was your favorite?

14:10 – What type of conflicts did you encounter while assigned to various national forests?
How did you work to resolve these conflicts?

17:21 – What differences did you observe in managing
forests in Idaho vs California?

18:15 – What advice would you give a young person considering a forestry or natural resource
management career?

18:54 – In your 30+ year career in forestry, what sort of changes did you observe, primarily in fire management?

21:51 – What sort of changes have you seen in fire management?

23:18 – What are your thoughts on the current condition of the forests?

26:30 – What are your thoughts about the decline in the number of sawmills
in California?

27:56 – Why have you maintained your membership in Society of American Foresters and why do you consider it to be important?

29:41 – In a perfect world, what would be your vision of an ideal forest?

31:47 – Did you continue to practice forestry after you retired?

33:51 – Are there any final thoughts you would like to share?