Hank Abraham, American Forest Products, Retired

Index to Interview Questions:


00:29 – Tell us a little about your background.

11:49 –  When you returned from WWII, how did you transition into forestry employment?

15:23 –  Did you have to choose between public and private sector forestry for your early jobs?

21:55 – Tell us about learning to fly while you were working for Graeagle.

26:55 – Tell us about your job change from Graeagle Lumber to Echo Chalet on Echo Lake.

29:02 –  What international adventures lured you away from Echo Chalet?  European and Swiss Adventures

33:55 –  Tell us about restarting your forestry career on the Rubicon and the emergence of American Forest Products in 1949.

37:16 –  Pickering Lumber Company and the Sugar Pine Railroad

45:12 – Did you live in logging camps in the Sierra?

48:37 – Tell us about the impact of enviromental politics on the forestry profession during your career.

51:42 –  Please tell us about some of the other saw mills in the area and log procurement.

57:39 – Did the advent of the professional foresters licensing law change your activities or practices?

59:34 – Tell us about your involvement with the Society of American Foresters and other forestry collaborations.

1:05:51 –  Was it necessary for you  to be involved in politics?

1:07:05 –  How did you perceive the “winding down” of  high volume harvest in the South Sierras?

1:11:30 –  Did post WWII advances in equipment and practices alter forest management? What changes are affecting forest land management?

1:16:10 – Tell us about some of the trekking you have done in the High Sierra.

1:20:02 – Do you have a favorite spot in the High Sierra?