Membership Update

National SAF finally did the “big purge” on members with lapsed dues, so NorCal SAF is down to around 500 non-student members.   It’s difficult for me to understand why folks would leave SAF, especially if they had been members for a long time.  SAF has so much offer and so many membership options, even for retirees on a limited budget.

SAF is still THE place for professional foresters and natural resource managers.  For students, recent grads, and those looking to relocate, SAF offers a great on-line career center where the highest quality jobs are posted.  Meetings and workshops at all levels offer opportunities to increase your knowledge and network with other professional foresters.

You can help SAF by talking to your forestry and natural resource colleagues about a SAF membership.  Memberships start at $99, plus state and local dues.  The most basic membership still includes on-line newsletters and updates, as well as my favorite SAF publication, the Forestry Source.   Long-time SAF members can show support by upgrading their membership to Platinum.

Another strategy to get co-workers involved in SAF is to invite them to chapter and state meetings.  These meetings are always a good value, as well as an opportunity to learn and socialize.  In any event, autumn is always a good time to reach out and help boost SAF membership.

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