Centennial Committee Update

It is hard to believe that it was a year ago in August at the summer meeting in Auburn, CA that we decided to organize to celebrate the California SAF Centennial. Our efforts were launched with a $500 contribution from NorCal SAF. We immediately followed that up by applying for and receiving two $1500 Forester Fund grants from the National SAF.

We kicked off the 2016 Winter meeting with the unveiling of our Centennial logo and a special presentation by Char Miller, who reflected on significant moments in California forest history. At that 2016 Winter Executive Meeting we discussed how big we should go with celebratory activities, and the group decided kind-of big. We organized for about a $20,000 program.

Since that time with the efforts of Bill Snyder, NorCal SAF Chair, who approached the forest products industry, Rick Standiford, who launched our social media fund raising campaign, and Wendy Snyder who developed additional Forester Fund grant applications we have raised over $27,000.

The funds are being used to capture the oral history of Golden Members and others who have made significant contributions to SAF. Our videographer Marc Garman, has done an excellent job. A snap shot of what’s to come from that project was presented at the Centennial Celebration dinner with clips of interviews of Rick Standiford, John Helms, Bob Solari, Bill Libby and Bill McKillop. The brief show was very moving and we can’t wait to see more. It makes one realize what a special community we have within the forestry profession and SAF. These videos will be a lasting legacy.

The fund raising also contributed to sponsorship of special events at the summer celebration with special live presentations of Gifford Pinchot and John Muir and air conditioned buses transporting over 100 people between Coarsegold, Yosemite National Park and Bass Lake in Madera County.

Our Centennial was recognized with the presentation of the Francis H. Raymond award by the Board of Forestry and a State Proclamation by the Honorable Brian Dahle, 1st Assembly District and Honorable Mike McGuire 2nd Senatorial District.

And we’ve develop SWAG with our special Centennial logo. T-shirts, ball caps and mugs are still available.

If you missed the Centennial Celebration stay posted for video of the event and the roll-out of the oral histories. Information will be available on the NorCal SAF website and the California SAF Facebook page.

The Centennial committee members have been dedicated throughout the year calling in from work, home, the road and fire assignments as needed. And we’ve had support from the forestry education institutions, forestry agencies, forest industry, forestry groups and our members to accomplish these activities. It has been a memorable year.


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