NorCal SAF works hard to be active in forest management policy decisions. As one of the leading professional forestry organizations in California, NorCal SAF has a responsibility to ensure the policy creators and decision makers are educated when making forestry related decisions. On this page you’ll find both national and local policy statements, as well as a history of the NorCal SAF policy related endeavors. If you have an policy issue that you believe NorCal SAF should be active in please email the Policy Committee Chair.

Position Statements

Northern California SAF has put together some position statements that address some of the current topics in and around forestry. SAF Bylaws IIC, defines position statements as “a carefully prepared expression on a forestry issue which presents the SAF view on an issue”..[it] “may be an advocacy position, an informational position, or a position promoting resolution through facilitating discussion of the issue.” All unit regular position statements now have a five year lifespan according to the new By-laws. Emergency position statements remain for one year before expiring.

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NorCal SAF Policy Letters

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