District 3 Representative: Dr. Nicholas Dennis

Chair: Josh Soderlund

Chair Elect: John Todd

Past Chair: John Kessler

Treasurer: John Bradford

Secretary: Jane LaBoa

Awards Chair: Julie Lydick

Communications Chair: Thibault Hoppe-Glosser

Continuing Forestry Education Contact: David Bakke

Foresters’ Fund Chair: Julie Lydick

Membership Chair: Tamara Hanna

Website Administrators: Carlin Starrs and Thibault Hoppe-Glosser

Policy Chair: John Kessler

Science/Technology Chair: Rob York

Executive Director: Kevin Locke

Fundraising Chair: Tad Mason

Chapter Chairs

Bay Area Chapter Chair: David Bakke

Bidwell Chapter Chair: Scott Worden

Forty Niner Chapter Chair: Thomas M. Francis

High Sierra Chapter Chair: Patrick Emmert

Peter Lassen Chapter Chair: Mike Delasaux

Sacramento/Tahoe Chapter Chair: Kevin Conway

Southern San Joaquin Chapter Chair: Brian Rueger

Student Chapters

Bakersfield College Student Chapter

Faculty Advisor: Bill Kelly

Cal Poly SLO Student Chapter

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jeff Reimer

Student Chair: Andres Castellanos

Humboldt State Student Chapter

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Erin Kelly

Student Chair: Karine Hunt

Reedley College Student Chapter

Faculty Advisor: Joshua Soderlund

Student Chair: Gisselle Navarro

UC Berkeley Student Chapter

Faculty Advisor: Jodi Axelson

Student Chair(s): Spencer Adams and Ross Lelieur